Graffiti is easily a nuisance to many. It can be gang related and spreading violent or gruesome messages. I get it. If I came home to an unannounced mural splashed across my home or work… I would be pissed.

Castle Hill Hope Outdoor Gallery Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas

And then once in a blue moon, a forward thinking land owner devotes space to those taggers. Those taggers that cause so much pain and anguish for the business and home owners and something wonderful emerges.


Suddenly these nuisance taggers become some of the most incredible artists I have ever laid eyes on.

The Graffiti Park in Austin is nothing short of a museum. It is a wonderfully FREE, outdoor gallery aptly named Hope. As I write this in April of 2018, the gallery still exists. Many of the photos in this collection were taken at Austin’s Graffiti Park.

Visit it soon, it is scheduled to be removed later this year. If we are lucky it will relocate so future generations can enjoy the museum that changes art and artists hourly.

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