Animal Wall Art Decor

From the time that I first talked my parents into letting me have a pet mouse, I was hooked. A love affair with animals had begun… with a mouse.

My parents soon negotiated with me by using the promise of a puppy. A kitty cat, dogs, lambs, chickens, and horses later and we ended up with enough variety in animals to fill a boat!

Spotted Cow in Bertram Texas, #LGMarketing
Spotted Cow in Bertram, Texas

Puppies and Kittens

I like most have a very soft spot for puppies and kittens. I work with local charities to donate a percentage of my sales on select items, to various charities.

One of my favorites is the Texas Humane Heroes. The Humane Heroes help high risk pets find forever homes. I actually own two dogs from the Humane Heroes!

Take a stroll through my Charitable Wall Art Decor and select your favorite, delivered to your door.

Puppy at Texas Humane Heroes, #LGMarketing
Puppy at Texas Humane Heroes

Texas Animals

Living in Texas, especially Austin, Texas, there are MANY opportunities to photograph a wide variety of animals. I offer several wall art decor options that showcase some of the beautiful animals I have encountered over the years. I also accept custom photography and videography orders. Contact me for a quote!

Texas, Duck, Mallard, #LGMarketing
Texas Duck









Wall Art Decor

Thank you for taking the time to browse some of my favorite Austin, Texas photographs. Simply select your favorite and use the Contact button to tell me your desired size, material, and photograph selection.

Available Animal Images
Photo ID:  THORNY12Photo ID:  Puppy4Photo ID:  Duck104Photo ID:  DREAMY17Photo ID:  FRISBEEDOG150Photo ID: PUPPY2Photo ID:  BENJI2Photo ID: BULLDOG253Photo ID:  Puppy1Photo ID:  SHELL20Photo ID:  CAT1Photo ID:  MDAME15Photo ID:  Puppy5Photo ID:  BIGDOG22Photo ID:  BRINDLE62Photo ID:  Duck45Photo ID: PYRENEES30Photo ID: TXHH9Photo ID: BEAUTYHUGPhoto ID:  FrisbeeDog173Photo ID:  Longhorn46Photo ID:  BRINDLEDOG75Photo ID:  BULLDOG335Photo ID: FRISBEEDOG173Photo ID: PYRENEES46Photo ID: BULLDOG349Photo ID: CharlieKittenPhoto ID:  SabinePhoto ID:  SpottedCow44

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