My Photography


My photography, very sharply, reminds me of how great my life is. I have lifelong friends and family in the music business. I am fortunate enough to be able to look back and realize… I am having a hell of a journey!

How cool is that? The best part?

The Ride Keeps Going

I so admire musicians, these people are truly blessed with talents most only dream of having. It is always my pleasure to take photos and make videos with these people… these artists.

These people are wonderful to collaborate with. These people share their craft, are people I love, and ride with me on some of my favorite times in life.


Music Photography

Anslee Connell - savannahredmusic.comThe Bvtcher - #thebvtcherChasing After Alice - chasingafteralice.comContradicks - #contradicksFace to Face - facetofacemusic.comG aka Gerilyn Hayes - #sugarpillGashgasm Video Shoot 2017Jason McMaster - jasonmcmaster.netJoshua Leif Owen - #joshualeifmusicKing Zero - #kingzeroMC Overlord - mcoverlord.comPaul Renna - paulrenna.comRay Prim - rayprim.comRed aka Dana Cooper - #octobersunday & #fUNNERRob Halford - #robhalfordTroy Dillinger -

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Actors, Bloggers, Comics, and Writers

Oh, my! Not really… In a city like Austin, it is inevitable that you will bump into a mover and a shaker, an actor, blogger, or comedian. If you are lucky, like me, you get to spend some time with them… take a peek into a creative personality. It is great fun and I highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoy my photos of these folks as much as I enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them.

Delilah Stevens - Crime Writer OUT HERE IN THE DARKNESS Available Soon"G" aka Gerilyn M. Hayes - Naturally Curly & It's G & gerilynmhayes.wordpress.comTroy Dillinger - LA Based Actor and Comedian

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